MIGHT's View

  1. At the core, it is not just wanting to be a developed country but rather a country that creates new ingenuity, inventions and making things. By mastering in certain technology and becoming a global leader for latest trends, the country will be able to create more high value jobs and skills. We need to promote more platforms for new technology to emerge from the lab, survive the innovation “valley of death” and move towards the market.

  2. In order for Malaysia to be a nation of entrepreneurs, the whole ecosystem needs to move together to support the entrepreneurship development.  F.I.R.S.T® methodology will enable the ecosystem to move together faster and more importantly when more stakeholders are on board the risk will be minimize. In MIGHT, we always say that no man is an island, collaboration and strategic partnership is key.

  3. The 4th Industrial Revolution corroborates the advancement of technology, its application, and its impact on almost every facet of business sectors and arenas. However, the level of disruptions, the risks, and the opportunities is different for each field. The impact on employment, for instance, highlights new skills that are required as the  work of the future is likely to require more flexibility, agility, networking and inter-connectivity. Some of the future trends that MIGHT has observed, among others are; technology advancements at more affordable costs, changing values and culture of the society, an accessibility to an abundance of informative content, as well as required skills and capabilities are needed in the future workforce.