The implementation of various national initiatives ensure that Malaysia forge ahead in our goal to become a developed nation by 2020. However it will take continued focus and investment in science & technology (S&T) if we hope to have sustainable growth beyond 2020 and stay ahead of our economic competitors so that the efforts made through the initiatives are not laid to waste. To reflect this emphasis in S&T, the government will now be embarking on a Science to Action (S2A) Program. The S2A is an effort that will enable Malaysia to sustain its growth beyond 2020.


To deliver the government’s "AKUJANJI" , S2A’s framework is outlined below:

Science for Industry

With the objective of strengthening current industries, creating new industries and entrepreneurs through identification of new growth areas as well as to increase private sector participation in S&T development;

Science for Well Being

To improve the quality of lives of the “rakyat” through the use of S&T. This will include popularization of science and improvement on the uptake STEM;

Science for Governance

With the objective strengthening public services and governance to ensure a conducive ecosystem for the development and uptake of S&T.

As a nation, we must continue to improve; and S&T is critical in driving this improvement. Te emphasis and focus in S&T will enable the country to improve the lives, health, and sovereignty of its “rakyat”




Three (3) Thrusts

  • Industry
  • Well-Being
  • Governance


Intensification of STI for national development

  • Complementary & supportive, Permeate all government initiatives
  • Inclusive, not exclusive Benefits all


By all and for all

  • Government
  • Industries & SMEs
  • Public
  • Academia
  • Youth


Foundation, backbone towards developed nation

  • Economic Competitiveness
  • Expanding Opportunities
  • Improving & Enhancing Lives
  • Responding to Challenges

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