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 About Us

Despite being under the purview of the Prime Minister's Department, the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) is a membership driven organization. That means it exists to serve the needs of its members who represent the best of industry, government and academia. For these members, MIGHT acts as a key interlocutor, bringing together policy, funding and technology to advance high technology interests in Malaysia. Whether through its international ties, market-leading consultancy services, counter trade and offset management or a combination of its other programmes, MIGHT constantly delivers the best outcomes to its members.
Uniquely positioned as the lead agency for the internationalization of science, technology and innovation in Malaysia, MIGHT provides members unparalleled access to global thought-leadership in technology centres of excellence around the world. Since its inception in 1993 MIGHT has kept a steady hand on the helm of Malaysia's high technology ecosystem, pioneering global relationships, leading the national strategy on high technology development and acting as a catalyst for industry advancement.
Today MIGHT is more central than ever, lending key support to national objectives for global competitiveness and sustainable development in high-value, knowledge-based industries. No other agency has the clout nor the capability of MIGHT to empower industry, government and academia towards a global future in science, technology and innovation.



"To serve the nation in advancing competency in high technology through partnerships towards sustainable development"


  • Setting common direction for high technology industry development.
  • Partnering for delivering impact.
  • Nurturing techno-business innovation.
  • Developing capability and competency for high technology industry.



MIGHT was established as an independent, industry-driven non-profit organisation in 1993 and was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 15th October 1994. Between 2004 and 2010 MIGHT existed under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation but in 2011 was moved under the responsibility of the new Science Advisor to the Prime Minister. Under the patronage of YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, MIGHT is governed by a Board of Directors, helmed through the joint-chairmanship of a prominent private sector personality and the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister. MIGHT’s core business remains consensus building through its think-tank platform designed to harness high technology for business and commercial applications.

MIGHT is subscribed to by private and public sector membership and has no shareholder.

 Corporate Values

SMART – we are insightful and forward-looking in pursuit of new technologies and new techno-business opportunities
​UNITY – We mobilise collective efforts of partnership in optimising delivery impact harmonise views and opinions to provide impartial propositions and resolutions to stakeholders, create benefit to society
​AGILE – We are able to adapt and adopt. We are versatile by having ability to promptly  respond and master the challenge
​VIGILANT – We are alert to opportunities through constant intelligent and monitoring of our environment
ENT​ERPRISING – We facilitate commercialisation proceed and nurture innovation , technopreneurship  and business for wealth creation
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